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Star Suite (Complete Suite)

Star Suite (Complete) --:-- --:--

1. Lift Off

A musical depiction of a manned space flight taking off and leaving earth’s orbit on a mission to a distant planet. Lift Off begins with an exciting Maestoso introduction and transitions into and rhythmically exciting and at times lyrical composition.

2. Nebula

Ethereal and mystical sounds inspired by photos of nebulae captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. Nebula are colorful stellar clouds and stars mixed together in ever changing forms and are the visual basis for this piece.

3. Galileo

A celebratory piece in honor of Galileo who made revolutionary telescopic discoveries in our solar system. This movement is my musical impression of what I imagined Galileo must have thought as he gazed at the night sky and viewed the immensity of space and man’s place in the universe.

This composition has been performed by a number of orchestras including San Diego, Nashville and the Rochester Philharmonic and is also a part of the Cirque group Troupe Vertigo symphony orchestra performances.

Composer: Jeff Tyzik
Publisher: Macaroni Music (ASCAP)
Category: Orchestral Compositions and Arrangements
Composed: 2022
Duration: 15:45

3(picc.)/3 (e hrn.)/3 (bass clar.)/2
4/3/3/1 Timpani + 4 Perc.
Piano Harp Strings

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