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Dream Sequence for Flute and Orchestra

Dream Sequence For Orchestra --:-- --:--

I composed Dream Sequence for Flute and Orchestra in 2015 for a performance at the National Flute Association Convention in Washington, D.C.

I was thrilled that Demarre Gill, the Principal Flute of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra would premiere the composition and my good friend Peter Bay, the Music Director of the Austin Symphony would conduct.

I tend compose programmatic music, which is defined as: “music that is intended to evoke images or convey the impression of events.” That approach has always moved me musically and emotionally.

I began to work with an initial idea of a very rubato and evocative melodic set of motifs with trills and flutter tongue embellishments. That became the theme and set the character of the piece.

As I started to develop this idea, I began to contemplate making this composition follow the form of some dreams I have experienced. Not specific stories in the dreams, but the flow of how my dreams have developed on occasion. I thought about some dreams I have experienced that have had several distinct acts, much like a play and I decided that would be the basis for my composition.

Dream Sequence has four distinct sections. In the first section, the opening evocative rubato cadenzas are followed by the development of those motifs over a constantly changing multi-meter rhythmic foundation. This transitions into a Latin influenced melody that floats over a flowing Latin rhythm. The opening material returns, but this time over a 5/4 pattern ostinato, which is defined as ” a continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm.” The multi-meter section and Latin material returns and builds to an exciting finish.

Composer: Jeff Tyzik
Publisher: Macaroni Music (ASCAP)
Category: Chamber and Solo Works
Composed: 2015
Duration: Approx. 8:30

Flute Solo
2 fl., 2 Ob., 2 Bb Clar., 2 Bsn. 2 F Hrn., 2 C Trpt.,
Timpani, 3 Perc., Harp, Piano, Strings

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