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Riffs – F1 --:-- --:--

Premiered by Michael Burritt and the Eastman Wind Ensemble conducted by Mark Scatterday at the Chicago Midwest Clinic in December, 2009.

RIFFS is a one movement composition in three sections which include a fast swing, a heavy medium swing and an afro Cuban finale that turns the wind ensemble into a huge jazz ensemble with the jazz drum soloist leading the way. There is an optional cadenza where the soloist can choose to work out a call and response section with the percussionists.

Percussion volume can be overwhelming and dynamics are subject to interpretation so
special care is needed to balance the solo drum set and the percussion section against the
rest of the ensemble. The ensemble will perform Riffs with more precision if the solo
drum set player is placed within or next to the percussion section and not in front of the
Wind Ensemble.

Composer: Jeff Tyzik
Publisher: Macaroni Music (ASCAP)
Category: Wind Ensemble
Composed: 2009
Duration: 9:00

Solo Jazz Drum Set
Picc., 2 Fl, 2 OB, E Hrn, Eb clar., 3 Bb Cl., Bass Cl., Contrabass Cl, 2 Bsn, Contra Bsn, Sop. Sax, Alto Sax, Ten. Sax, Bari. Sax, 4 F Hrn, 3 Bb Trpt., 4 Tbn., Euph., Tuba, St. Bass, Piano, Timp., 5 Perc. (Vibes, Xylophone, Guiro, Pitched Blocks, Cow Bells, Surdo)

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